ODOROS Research And Consultancy

Odoros Research And Consultancy is a non-profit, independent research institution that strives to formulate effective community-based transformational projects, drives policy developments, and promotes social mobility. The institute is headquartered in Mogadishu, Somalia.

About Us

Odoros Research And Consultancy uses interdisciplinary expertise to affect positive change in local communities, increase knowledge, and shape local and national policy. The institute undertakes pioneering community development studies that improve the life chance of individuals in the region, and works with our partnership networks to champion for change.

Our Mission

As the leading institute for community Research development in Somalia, the mission of the institute is three areas: conducting high-quality researches bearing to Health, education and social issues in Somalia, proliferates the findings of the researches, and providing training and consultation to local communities and higher education.

Our Vission

Odoros Research aims to be a leading research centre for community Research to promote social mobility.


The institute believes in the power of people and the potential of communities. We are committed to working with locol communities, Higher education and government to identify strengths, pursue collaboration, and encourage innovation that will help co-create strong and diversified community.

Our Team

Ahmed Abdiaziz Alasow

Founder & Director

Yasmin Abdullahi Mohmud

Yasmin Abdullahi Mohmud

Senior Researcher

Sucdi Abdullahi Mohamud

Sucdi Abdullahi Mohamud

Research officer

Recent Publications